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"If we don’t live a sustainable life we don’t have a tomorrow"


The Best Ingredients

All our ingredients are locally-sourced or homegrown, organic, and always nitrate-free to make the best food that's good for you and the planet.

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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

We are dedicated to creating a business that runs on recycled or compostable supplies and products, minimizing our waste as much as possible. 

Sustainable Energy

Renewable Energy

We’re fossil fuel-free, committed to using high-efficiency products and advocating to the community to reduce their energy output.

What We Do

"We want to offer people real food, like the food I grew up on in my home village, and support other businesses who do the same."


At The Rising Loafer, We:

Source our food from local farmers, or grow it ourselves! 

  • We grow our own herbs for tea and raspberries for salad dressing.

  • We get our eggs from the community chickens.

Compost or repurpose everything!

  • We donate old cooking grease to a company that converts it to fuel.


Are fossil fuel-free! 

  • We depend solely on natural gas and electricity to power our facility.

"Everything here is about reusing, recycling, or repurposing. When a customer doesn't finish a cup of water, is goes into a pitcher that will water the patio planters; on the tables, the sugar containers and cups come from different antique or reuse stores. We try to repurpose things, just like our tables we made out of old doors. Everything that cannot be washed or reused is compostable."

Our Community Work

Community Garden

We are responsible for caring for the chickens in Lafayette's 300-person community garden, and it's where we source our eggs!


Bay Area Green Business

Awarded to businesses in the nine counties represented by the Association of Bay Area Governments, who implement measures to conserve energy and water, minimize waste, and prevent pollution.

Awarded to businesses who take specific actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, like changing lighting; implementing recycling programs; purchasing environmentally preferable products; and educating employees, customers, and the public.

Climate Leader

Central Contra Costa County Pollution Prevention Award
City of Lafayette Environmental Award of Excellence
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