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About Us

Our Owners


Growing up in the Peruvian Andes, I have grown up with a love for freshly grown food, and have been inspired by the smells and tastes of my past. I hope to bring the food we serve to life by using local ingredients and even incorporating herbs and fruits that are grown in-house.


Having immigrated to the United States from the small town of Inbeh in Jordan, my passion for cooking came from watching my mother and sisters prepare meals at home. My culinary mission is to revive memories of the childhood palate, bringing an element of nostalgia and warmth to our dishes. 

Our Story

Together, we have been working in the restaurant businesses for years. After running the Old San Francisco Pizza Company in San Pablo, then the Mediterranean City Cafe in Pleasant Hill, we took over The Rising Loafer Café and Bakery in Lafayette in May 2003. Since then, we have managed the storefront with love and care, and was named a certified green business by the Alameda county. By implementing practices such as using renewable energy and involvement in community gardens, we have continued to promote this green mindset and have evolved the restaurant to become 100% sustainable.

The Rising Loafer Café and Bakery aims to bring family and friends together to enjoy real food made from scratch. From our freshly baked pastries and savory sandwiches, to our Mediterranean specials and heart-warming soups, we cook with seasonal produce provided by local farmers to reduce carbon footprint and support the local community. Within the rustic and homey setting of The Rising Loafer Café and Bakery, you will be embarking on an artful, sustainable, and mouth-watering journey, indulging in delicious and rejuvenating crafted foods. We would love to have you join us and celebrate food that is nourishing for our mind, body, and the environment!

Our Sources

Larry’s Produce
Open market offering locally grown crops daily
Fairfield, CA

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